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M&A Originations

Empowering Lower Middle Market Growth
We Bridge Exceptional Opportunities, Lasting Partnerships, and Legacy Guardianship to Support Growth and Transformation in Lower Middle Market Mergers &Acquisitions.
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At Longleaf Strategic Partners, we merge aspirations and acquisitions, uniting the vision of accomplished business owners with the expertise of savvy acquirers, to accelerate value creation.

Our Services

Longleaf Strategic Partners specializes in lower middle market buy-side mergers and acquisitions origination. Our services revolve around collaborating with leading private equity firms and business owners to advance their growth objectives. We're not just about transactions – we're committed to fostering enduring partnerships and forging new connections with discerning acquirers and business leaders who share our vision.


Our approach lies a sophisticated targeted search process, which enables us to uncover exclusive proprietary acquisition opportunities within the lower middle market. These customized searches align with the platform focus and investment criteria of our partners, facilitating confidential dialogues with key decision-makers at attractive lower middle market companies.

Targeted Search 

We employ a refined, thesis-driven search process to uncover proprietary acquisition opportunities within the lower middle market. This tailored approach aligns precisely with our partners’ platforms and investment goals.

Opportunistic Search

Beyond set criteria, we identify exceptional businesses. If unmatched to an existing partner’s needs, we secure like-minded acquirers to harness the business' 

potential for success and growth.

Ready to Grow Your Vision?

Your journey starts with a simple click.

Private Equity Value

Enhance returns with Longleaf Strategic Partners. Our expertise aligns sophisticated private equity groups with handpicked opportunities, fostering cultural fit and delivering exceptional value in every partnership.

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Business Owner Value

Unlock new horizons with Longleaf Strategic Partners. We safeguard legacies by matching astute business owners with acquirers who share values, all while ensuring confidential, serious inquiries from top-tier investors.

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