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Delivering opportunities

while safeguarding legacies

At Longleaf Strategic Partners, we're dedicated to guiding lower middle market business owners through the process of mergers and acquisitions, ensuring their legacy is honored and their hard work continues to flourish.

Important Notice

If you're a business owner reading this, it's likely due to one of two scenarios:

  1. You've received a direct contact from Longleaf Strategic Partners recognizing the value of your business and its potential in the market.

  2. You've been referred to Longleaf Strategic Partners by a trusted advisor or reliable referral source, emphasizing the regard they have for your business' achievements. 

Senior Businesswoman

Financially Sound: No Cost to You

When it comes to working with us, there's no fine print, and no hidden fees for business owners. Unlike traditional investment bankers or business brokers, we don't charge you a penny for our assistance. We're focused on ensuring that your business gets the spotlight it deserves, matching it with the right acquirer without adding any financial burden. With Longleaf Strategic Partners, you can explore opportunities with confidence, knowing that your legacy is in capable hands.

Only Serious Inquiries: Guided by Excellence

We exclusively collaborate with distinguished investors and private equity firms. This means that if you're hearing from Longleaf Strategic Partners, it's a significant event. Our partners boast current investment funds ranging from $100M up to well over $20B, reflecting our commitment to substantial partnerships. Our inquiries are serious, aimed at maximizing your time and ensuring absolute confidentiality.

Legacy Guardianship: Your Vision, Our Commitment

Preserving the legacy you've built is at the heart of our approach. We recognize that the future of your business matters deeply, and that's why we're committed to connecting you with acquirers who not only bring financial value but align with your values. We prioritize finding partners who share your commitment to your employees and upholding your business's culture – because your legacy deserves nothing less.

Cultural Fit: Your Business, Your Way

We know that a successful transition isn't always about numbers – it's about ensuring your hard work is entrusted to someone who understands and respects what you've created. Longleaf Strategic Partners goes beyond financial compatibility; we're dedicated to matching you with acquirers who appreciate the essence of your business and are committed to preserving and driving it forward.

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