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Strategic M&A

search options built to scale your platform

Unlock deal flow with Longleaf Strategic Partners. Our comprehensive services are tailored to discovering attractive proprietary opportunities the lower middle market. From precise targeted searches that uncover hidden gems to opportunistic searches that deliver unique ventures, our strategic approach drives growth and enduring success. Partner with us to navigate your path to excellence.

Targeted Search: Unveiling Hidden Opportunities

At Longleaf Strategic Partners, our specialized Targeted Search service is designed to uncover exclusively proprietary acquisition opportunities within the lower middle market. Leveraging our sophisticated search process, we meticulously identify businesses that align precisely with the platform focus and investment criteria of our esteemed partners. However, our approach isn't just about finding deals - it's about connecting the opportunities with the right partners, creating a synergy that sets the stage for growth and success. 

Targeted Search Parameters

Platform Acquisitions

$10M or more in Annual Revenue

$1M or more in EBITDA

Add-on Acquisitions

No Minimum Annual Revenue

No Minimum EBITDA

Company Characteristics

Privately Held

Headquartered in the U.S.

All Industry Sectors

(except Real Estate)

Narrowly Defined Thesis Initiatives

Non-Exclusive Engagements

In active and competitive industry verticals where we have multiple acquisition partners, we forgo a retainer and work on a 100% success-driven contract. In these instances, our standardized fee structure ensures that no platform holds preferential treatment over another, allowing us to focus on the shared values aspect of our process that pairs business owners with the investment thesis and structure that best matches their goals and streamlines value creation for our private equity partners.

Exclusive Engagements

If we are not currently engaged with partners in a specific market vertical, our retained services option provides a compelling solution. It guarantees our exclusive partner a first right of refusal for acquisition opportunities stemming from a targeted search performed on their behalf as well as others in their industry vertical that may come to our attention organically. This engagement option reinforces our commitment to our partner’s success and aligns with their strategic objectives.

Opportunistic Search: Seizing Unique Opportunities

Opportunities often present themselves unexpectedly, so our Opportunistic Search service captures these hidden gems that might not perfectly match the criteria of the partner for whom we initiated the search. When we stumble upon a remarkable business that doesn't fit the current mold, we take the reins. We identify like-minded acquirers and investors who are passionate about this unique find and guide them through the process. This flexible and strategic approach ensures that no opportunity goes untapped and that the right acquirer finds the right venture.


Additionally, we understand that some companies value discretion and confidentiality. That's why we extend our services to facilitate introductions between prospective sellers and suitable acquirers. Whether it's to explore options without raising alarms among employees and competitors, or simply to save on broker or banker fees, we orchestrate confidential interactions that lead to meaningful connections.


At Longleaf, our services are built on precision, innovation, and a deep understanding of the market. We're here to ensure that every move are clients make are strategic and purposeful.

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